Good Job, Or A Good Boss?

Possibly the best exhortation I’ve at any point found out about choosing your next profession is to pick your senior, not the activity.

This is testing in light of the fact that the procedure we use to discover significant work is intended to work the contrary way; the manager picks you. As a rule, you just converse with your manager amid the meeting procedure, which is a poor indicator of what he/she will really resemble. By concentrating on who your supervisor will be above most other criteria (for example absolute pay, duty, progression openings, area) changes how you seek after occupations and how upbeat you’ll be once you select one.

As indicated by an ongoing Forbes article, in excess of 2 million individuals are stopping their employments every month. Over 74% of individuals would think about finding another activity. Also, 32% are effectively searching for their next circumstance. From an abnormal state:

A decent manager in an unremarkable organization will ensure you and bolster you.

An awful supervisor in a decent organization will disappoint and unsettle you.

A decent manager in a decent organization will open your potential.

Attributes of a decent supervisor: Drives maintenance, delegates specialist, reliable, is a worker/transformational pioneer, keen on making the wisest decision, predictable in basic leadership, and is sympathetic.

Attributes of a terrible supervisor: drives turnover, micromanages others and procedures, imparts fear, dictator pioneer, keen on being correct, conflicting in basic leadership, and is cold/self-centered.

Smile and accept, leave with respect.

All in all, how would you locate a decent supervisor? As a matter of first importance, comprehend yourself and note if you have made an outline of what you desire in your immediate approaches at your organization. Assuming this is the case, what is your desire explanation to someone who asks what you have to accomplish in the following 3 – 5 years? By deciding an unmistakable way for what you need to accomplish, you can lead a hole investigation of your aptitudes and better decide how a specific manager can mentor and tutor you to your objectives.

Besides, picking an acceptable manager shows that you have a solid system. By developing associations with experts in your field, you can share notes on the managers you’ve worked for or caught wind of. This takes time and research, however knowing who the great directors are and searching them out is presumably the best indicator of a prosperous profession.

Last, figure and manage times to lead instructive meetings with the potential managers. By getting the person in question espresso or lunch, studying what really matters to that person, you can build up an affinity and perceive how you can produce an incentive for the person in question. You will likewise figure out how the individual might have the capacity to help you as you accomplish your life’s expectation.

As I recollect over my profession, the single greatest determinant of whether I was upbeat, profitable, creating or appropriately compensated was my supervisor at the time.

The vocation and life you had always wanted and will crave an advance naturally from that point where you stop compromising on the outcome because of what you perceive. Decide now!

Bias in an Organization

Bias lies in the eyes of the beholder. In order to build your firewall, make sure to have enough facts prepared. Upon reaching for an explanation that we demand as an employee, we are often compared to an already established and well made handbook. A conscious bias! It is one of those personality filters that every employee at a certain point during their work life encounters. We as employees, are mostly advised to remain silent, or accept that what’s given no matter how bitter that may taste.

Here’s a little of the do’s and don’ts that every employer and employee should abide by while introduced to a circumstance of conscious and unconscious bias.

An organization stands firm upon the structure of work that it builds. Biased work culture induces inflexibility and low morale of a talent pool that you hire. Employers being the leaders of an organization are more likely to lose employee trust and hence may land up in an organizational war while trusting favoritism as their way of work.  An employer hiring a handful of talent shall retain it by utmost motivation and positive work culture and not by fleeing the best ones due to biased organizational decisions as that remaining shall no more be motivated. Prejudiced work culture should be a motto, something that you don’t get by birth. You learn and you teach. In a survey of around 800 companies for about 30 years, organizational bias has been named as one of the biggest disabilities that can ruin an already formed dimension for multiple years.  Biased organizational decisions from an employer is also seen as a sign of foolishness and low knowledge while taking upon milestones.

Its when they know they have had enough, they purposely let the organization fail or fall out themselves.

The numerous interactions an employee encounters can result either in favor of the organizational goal or a complete demotivation. A happy employee is the biggest challenge for an organization. As an employee, always have a pool of facts prepared while you know you are working in a biased organization. Your zeal to work should show up on your face. Try not to undermine your performance while meeting conscious or unconscious bias. A poor judgement may shake your work balance, do not let it non-strategize your performance goals as many a time, biasness is used by people to undermine a good performance and outshine as the only one. Always have a “plan B” (an alternate strategy) figured while working for an organization.

Employees are cognitively fragile to an organization. Job security, good compensation and career progression only can be held as one of the basic employee retention policies an organization can use. “what the staff is thinking about” should be one of the parameters to cultivate a positive work culture.

We cannot control our surrounding, we either accept or repel. Our hard work does not guarantee success, but it can only improve the chances.  

Your first time.

So, its been quite some time that I have been giving interviews and taking them as well. In my professional capacity, I had always been the one to allow my candidates speak up on a given topic until they find it exaggerated, be it introducing themselves to me or something related to their education and the rest.

So, here are certain ways that would stand out to be a preliminary preparation for candidates planning to go for interviews. The stakes are really high, and once you make it through, you’re in. The job, the reputation and more importantly you become an earning hand in your family. Its very important to stay in control as a lot of negativity that bumps in your mind may lead you to a dead space.

Candidates, you need to understand that a little anxiety is healthy. It prevents overconfidence and arrogance. You will be tested on the basis of your skills, personality, comfort, urge, manners and lastly your qualifications. Trust me on this, although it is pretty true that you get to attend a face to face interview on the basis of your CV which primarily lists out your qualification and education along with some experience (if any). The moment you enter that zone where you and your interviewer are all set to go through a phase of questionnaire, your education is the last most thing they would like to know in detail. The major reason for this is the fact that your preliminary evaluation has already been conducted based on your details presented as your resume.

Prepare until confidence knocks it down.

However no-matter how much your appearance and your personality lifts you up, a feeling of helplessness is always chilling your spine. Reason? Rejection. It is absolutely fine to have a minor contingent factor while grasping bigger steps, yet a major fear or introversion may lead you to a no man’s land. Below mentioned are a few tips that will help you get through an interview easily and with satisfaction.

PREPARATION : Once an interviewer asked me, suppose you are shopping and suddenly you feel hungry. You check out the restaurants around you and grab a bite at a nearby place. You did not look out for much details before booking yourself a seat and the food was not up to the mark. You paid a good amount for a little snack and left the place feeling disgusted. You decide, that from the next time you would not bump into something without having proper knowledge of it, else you may have to pay a price of unworthiness. Its the same thing here. You go for an interview in a fluke and did not qualify for the position, much because you know nothing about the place, the job role, the skills, the designation and the company along with what it does. This is seen as a lack of interest in a candidate and a casual nature which is not at all accepted by any standard organisation. In short, do your homework.

BODY LANGUAGE: Remember, the interviewer is always watching. Even when his eyes are on the window, the roof, your CV , he is watching you and only you. A single smirk, unsatisfied expression on face will make him realize that you are bored of his words, you have no interest to sit with and discuss about the Job role. Try to keep a soothing smile on your face, allow him to speak and explain. Provide an instant feedback if asked, else ask the person to explain you further. This will make him realize that you want to know more and have a knack in listening. In short, let him speak and stay focused.

AVOID DESPERATION : A first date is much about knowing things better and then carrying it to a next level. A face to face interaction with an interviewer for the first time is the same. No matter how needy you are from inside and how great it looks on the paper, too much desperation will make you look like a bunny boiler. In short, keep confidence and hold on to your gravity.

DON’T BE MONEY MINDED : Your interview will probably head towards discussing about your salary. “What is your expected take away?”. No matter which B’school graduate you are, your dignity will be tested for sure. To sound pleasing and answer what is required of you, its best to study industry standards and make a demand. However mentioning a range stating a lower and an upper limit is perceived to be decent, so that what’s best for you will be decided by the hiring organisation.

REDIRECTING QUESTIONS : Knowing and answering every question that is presented to you, happens in rare cases but they do. You may be introduced with a whole new word, or an unknown aspect or may be asked about the Prime Minister of another nation. In such cases, practice redirecting questions when the answer is not known to you. Redirect them on a similar topic you are familiar with. Keep calm and focus on handling the remaining questions that come your way.

When you have done everything to prepare for the interview, and you are satisfied that you can present yourself in the best light possible, the next step is for you to let it go. You can learn something from each interview.

Learn to enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences. Who knows you may even grow to like interviewing.

My Choice to Blog!

The motto has always been Cooperative writing.

Recognition and Rewards are a prerogative, I was always the one to do things a little more. My instances of fluctuations have been immense, swinging from rope to rope, I finally thought of penning down my thoughts.

This was never a plan, trust me. Its often said, your group of people defines you. Your way of dressing reflects you, what words you choose to speak, acknowledges you. My journey as a writer began since childhood. I was (and still am) fond of new words, meanings, framing sentences, performing online vocabulary exams to scoreboard my confidence and a lot more.

This era of technology is driving enthusiasts like me to set our own platform, talk about fame? Its not really that! At some point, I felt scared to disclose what I wrote in two sentences which defined my thought out of the box. I was worried, I will be judged and commented upon. You know, the more the pebbles hit you, the more succumbed you are to pain and numbness. Right now, I know who I am, who I wanna become and how to create my own path.

There is no such thing called the right path or the correct path. Its your choice to open the right door that will lead you to your path.

The little girl in me always thought of ways to put a mark on people she came across, even if that means to smile and let go. I started off my creative outlet writing poems, defining my love life, framing charts to gift friends and receiving appreciation. A single tap on the shoulder, felt like a Grammy!

Here’s to all my well wishers and supporters, who believe I can one day become an award winning Blogger and Influencer. Thank you for initiating the thoughtful woman I am today.